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        "Creative Mind and Success" 


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One of the first books written on the      "Law Of Attraction" 


Your about to Discover the Timeless Wisdom and Practical Inner Guidance from a 1917 Classic written By Ernest Holmes ...Like "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Science of Getting Rich", a MUST have for your library.


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My name is John P. Giammarco, and this book that could change your life!


Ernest Holmes is recognized internationally as the founder of the worldwide Religious Science movement. One of Ernest Holmes' earliest writings, "Creative Mind and Success" may be called the first official self-help book. Essentially a primer in the New Thought Library, it delivers a potent message that people of all times may find relevant. In a wondrous text full of hope, readers will discover the exhilaration of making their personal environment a place where their everyday wishes and inner dreams are manifested!  

... and this Book can Help YOU!"


This Short Book has helped Millions of People, and can now help you. Long forgotten, this book was written before "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Science of Gettiing Rich" and is the the foundation for the Law of Attraction that is so popular today.


Table of Contents


  • Man's Place in Creation
  • Our Conditions are Governed by our Thinking
  • Unconscious Creation
  • How to Attain Strength
  • What We Will Attract
  • The Control of Thought
  • The Power of Words
  • Why Belief is Necessary
  • Why so Many Fail
  • Using the Imagination
    • Success in Business
    • OneLaw and
       Many Manifestations
    • Visualizing
    • Where Demonstrations Takes Place
    • Direct Practice for Prosperity
    • Drawing Your Own to You
    • Understanding and Guidance
    • How to know What To Do
    • Developing Intuition
    • The Final Word

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    John P. Giammarco


    This book is not a one time read, but a guide that can be used and referenced daily. Like its companions, "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Science of Getting Rich", "Creative Mind and Success" will enrich your life.


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    Here What others have had to say about this book and the impact it has had on their lives:


    Glorious and Majestic
    I. Mogen, A reviewer, 08/02/2007

    Dr. Holmes, I know you are somewhere there in the Universe, please hear me say:

    Thank you.


    Excellent, Outstanding
    B. Wastride, Physician, 02/16/2007

    You have to read this book, and his whole entire collection actually, especially 'the science of mind'.... it will change your life...truly.... i mean... really.... you will stop thinking about all the nonsense that goes on around you, and all the people that you would normally pay attention to!!!!!!!! trust me if i can start putting some of these rules into place, you can do it to... i used to be one who paid attention to what people thought of me, said about me, made me cry.... now i know that all these negative energy would do nothing more than hurt me....and me only! nothing is a coincidence..the fact that you are reading me shows that you are your way to becoming a better person already, someone ready to take his/her life into his/her own life. enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!


    One of the best books in its class
    E. Braun, A reviewer, 06/24/2006

    There have been dozens of books telling you that your thoughts create your reality and how to use that to your advantage. This is one of the original such books. The major difference is that because Holmes was inspired as one of the original channels through which this very important information came through, I could fell that his words in this book were highly charged with transformational spiritual energy. I'm not talking of some New Age foo-foo idea. And I'm not talking about religiosity (religion, the bureacracy between God and man!). I'm talking about grounded, very real direct spiritual power. What he offers in this book is the real deal. I have known of this stuff for years. And yet when I read this book, I intentionally approached it with 'beginner's mind' as if I've never heard of this stuff before. And as good as my life already was going into this book, applying what Holmes writes has boosted my life to a new level of inner fullness. Buy it, read it, apply it every moment and transform your life.